what we do


Idea Bank is a venture catalyst: we organize people, strategy and money to launch ventures.

Our operations are divided into 4 areas: handheld; web; aerospace; property.

The focus for handheld technologies is Fio. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Fio is developing a hand-held, point-of-care device, converging nanotechnology, biotechnology and information technology, capable of rapid molecular diagnosis of multiple infectious diseases simultaneously, addressing the leading cause of death, illness and economic disruption worldwide. Idea Bank’s role with Fio is to develop its brand and its global network of diverse expertise – thinkers, doers, backers  - in global hubs and pathogen Hot Zones.

A web based network to define problems, develop ideas to address these problems and organize backing. The initial venture is the Mazava Network – the focus is infectious disease in partnership with Fio. This is part of a larger web based initiative to connect entrepreneurs with ideas, people and investors.

Idea Bank is developing hybrid aircraft, combining elements of planes, tiltrotors and lighter than air vehicles for transport and communications. The initial business application is medical. The goal is to provide transport services in areas where planes, helicopters, trucks, trains and ships either are too expensive to operate or cannot operate.

Idea Bank is developing a series of properties where thinkers, doers and backers can meet, interact and commercialize ideas.