• In November 1990, Jay Godsall traveled to Madagascar and met Dr. Nat Quansah who was working on the problem of Madagascar’s burning rainforests and the loss of medicinal knowledge. Jay proposed the idea of creating an Idea Bank connecting traditional healers and doctors to a network where their ideas could be developed into intellectual property (IP). Upon return from Madagascar, Jay created a company – Idea Bank.
  • Since then, Idea Bank has launched over 25 successful ventures – mainly in health, environment and communications.
  • In 2002, Idea Bank began to focus on nanotechnology and its applications in infectious disease, media and solar energy.
  • In 2003, Idea Bank was the catalyst for launching Fio Corporation, a company producing a handheld device using nanotechnology for diagnosis and characterization of infectious disease.
  • Idea Bank is working with Fio and others to develop ventures related to infectious disease, media and energy.